Three months free Disney+ with 800 Tesco Clubcard points

Posted 2nd Jan 2023 (Posted 21 h, 34 m ago)
Convert 800 Tesco Clubcard points, usually worth £8, into a £24.00 voucher and redeem with Disney+ 3 month subscription.

If you shop in Tesco anyway, it's effectively Disney+ for free.

More information:…prd
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    It's not free Disney plus... You've had to spend 800 clubcard points that have some sort of value to them. If you didn't spend them on Disney plus, they could be converted to actual cash value clubcard vouchers. Like you said, it's £8 of vouchers.

    Better to say, £8 of clubcard points for 3 months of Disney...

    You definitely have a distorted understanding of the definition of "free"...
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    “It’s effectively Disney+ for free”

    You must have a different definition of free to me then.
    What's your definition of it then?? My definition of free is the same as the Oxford English dictionary: Costing nothing.

    As I said, "If you shop in Tesco anyway, it's effectively Disney+ for free."

    As a thank you for spending money on other products in their store, Tesco gifts me Disney+ for no additional cost, i.e free.

    We can all quote just a portion of the original sentence to fit our agenda though can't we!
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    You need to spend £800 first to get the points.
    That's why I said, "If you shop in Tesco anyway"

    Spend £800 in Tesco and get £800 worth of their products.

    or, Spend £800 in Tesco and get £800 worth of their products AND 3 months Disney+? If didn't cost any extra to get it!

    Seriously, what is wrong with people on this site?? Always looking for holes or to trip people up! I was simply sharing an offer that I took advantage of for others to also benefit from!
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    they've been doing this for ages, over a year at least. sometimes you get 3 months for so many points but once or twice it's been 6 months. i think its either £6 or £8 of vouchers for 3 months as the usual offer, it changes between £6 and £8 and it was £8 for the 6 months. it was posted on this site so easy to check. i've never paid for disney+ as i just use my points. its the only decent thing these days for me to use points for now you cant use them on uber or train tickets
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