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    so you may or may not have seen my last few posts where ive been asking questions on my dilema of my lost/stolen mobile phone.
    Cut a long story short, had the phone blocked and have a replacement sim on the way but dont have insurance for the phone so am phoneless at the moment.

    My network (three) offered me ;'special deals' which too be honest are rubbish, they basically try to con u into 6mth extra on your contract and dont even discount the handsets.

    Ive only had the contract about a month is there any way u can come out of one? I obv dont have the phone to return but could possibly pay for it but im sure they wont let me walk out of my contract so soon?? I really thought they would be more understanding and offer a better deal... going to go into the shop tomorrow to see what they can do... anyone any advice on what i could do? Thanks


    Yep - you can pay up the full length of your contract.
    Don't expect favours from 3 - this is the network that changed its terms and conditions, and still wouldn't let you cancel the contract, even though it stated in the contract you could!

    Shop won't do anything - they say they are a separate entity from India

    Buy a cheap phone sim free (from Carphone Warehouse are unlocked!) and use it until your due an upgrade?!


    3 is a joke they will take every penny they are owed on the contract . if your deal is £30 a month and 10 months left they will be looking the full £300 . Best getting a cheap phone and seeing out the contract

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    got a whole 2 years to wait !! I dont want to buy a really cheap one as im on £25 a month contract with unlimited mins, loads of internet access etc...ive got an old nokia paygo phone here but i just wouldnt use it the same as compared to the phone i had its too slow and boring to be phone that i lost was the htc wildfire...

    I think its really sad that they are unable to help in this situation i probably should have insurance but to be really honest i dont think they offered it at time of going into contract...its in my husbands name the contract as we took out 2 phones at the same time and he says he doesnt remember them asking aout insurance...otherwise we would have probably taken it at the time, as its something i just havent got round to and my luck is i loose it - never lost a phone in my life aswell !!


    Lol come on seriously. People complain all the time about having insurance forced on them. Here's you complaining it wasn't offered. Doesn't your house insurance cover it? Mine does.

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    yes it does...but only if i take out personal posession cover which was extra and i didnt i just have building & contents


    if there was a way out of something like this, no one would take out insurance

    obviously it must suck for you but you'll just have to deal with it, the best/cheapest option for you is to do what they want you to do, extend your contract by 6 months and receive another phone from them, unless they're trying to charge you full sim free price for a phone (£300/£400 etc)

    i think 3 still do the htc hero refurb for £150 - quidco / topcashback. a bit of money to stump up but at least you'll have a decent phone. site down for maintenance atm so cant check. hope this helps.

    Unless you pay for the whole contract upfront I doubt they will do anything.

    Seeing as you have a fair while left why don't you get a high end phone on a 0% credit card and then pay it off monthly. At least that way you can make the most of your contract allowance, and if you get a decent sim-free phone then you should be able to sell it when your contract ends.

    fake your death, it will work

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    thanks guys, they offered me the htc hero refurb for £69.99 if i take an extra 6mth contract or £99.99 if i take an extra 3 mth..., which is such a rip off since its only as u say £150 to buy !!

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    just to update.. you were all right as ever... went into 3 store, useless, couldnt help, was advised to buy an unlocked 3g from ebay as my cheapest option.. or take out insurance and claim later on just pretend id lost my phone later...even though its fraud id PROBABLY get away with it as ins companys dont contact 3 at all oh well i wonder if theyd pay my fine or do jail for me if i done it and got caught lying to the police!!
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