Three network down for loads of customers - Back up and running now

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Found 7th Sep 2017
Just in case anyone is wondering.

Three are aware of issues and are currently investigating (according to their twitter).

Made for an interesting train journey, had to actually look at people...
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Working fine for me
Down for me. Phone ok, internet dead
Spent a flipping hour trying to tether but getting nowhere. Thanks for the info.

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Went down for me then back up and now down to emergency calls only.
Solar flare........
Can confirm it's down in Hong Kong too
got a signal but internet doesnt work
sweeten1610 m ago

got a signal but internet doesnt work

Me too, wife too
Was planning to use one of the Subway vouchers vvch.co/sub…ay/ at my local Subway. I arrive outside the store but suddenly the network goes down, so instead skipped on the Subway
I saw this post earlier.. I'm on Ee and my network just disappeared for half an hour, it has never happened before
Can't believe the amount of downtime I've had on 3. Not once with Vodafone did I ever suffer downtime to my knowledge.
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