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Found 10th Sep 2017
So my vodafone mobile contract is ending soon, am just wondering what kinds of experiences everyones had with 3, I see a lot of mixed opinions on 3 online, but a lot of the negative ones are pretty old - just wondering if they have improved now... I'm looking for decent signal and data speed around the west midlands area mainly..... So, would y'all recommend them?
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Get a free PAYG sim and test the signal, nobody can really tell you how it'll be for you.
I changed from 3 to plusnet
I'd been with 3 for years as well
I had trouble getting signal where others had one , internet was slow also
Crap customer service in India with 3 if you can get hold of them
My internet is so much faster with plusnet
Best buy a payg SIM as mentioned and try yourself
I wouldn't bother tbh

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If yove been on Vodafone, I think your going to struggle with Three's Network Coverage and consistency, especially if you travel around a lot, if you mainly 90% in the same area all the time, then test Three's Network with a free PAYG Sim, you might get lucky.

I know a lot of people knock Vodafone, but Ive tried them all the Networks over long periods of time and Vodafone does have good and reliable Network Coverage and Call Quality.
It depends where you live, my experience would differ to yours due to different coverage areas.
If the Vodafone coverage is fine, then haggle for a better deal or like others have said, try a 3 PAYG sim and check coverage as you travel.
I have been with 3 for years and never had a problem with them.
i had the same question when i was thinking of moving from EE to three and people suggested that i should get a PAYG sim to test the signal. i am so glad they said that as when i got the PAYG sim, the call signal and data signal was hopeless in comparison to EE when i am at home so that was a NO go.
I've recently changed from 3 to EE too. Mainly due to the lack of 4g signal indoors.
unless you get someone posting info here who lives in the same postcode as you
then the info supplied is pointless in making your desciion
3 is crap, I moved from Vodafone and regret it, Slower speeds, less coverage and it's often down and not working.
I've gone from Vodafone (because of their shocking customer service) to 3 .. good coverage but not as good as Vodafone in places, all depends on where u live & travel though
I run and o2 and 3 phones. o2 is miles more reliable in my experience, especially out of big towns. o2 customer service is better too, but 3 has the killer deal of inclusive data in the USA, which is useful for me, but I couldn't run the 3 phone at home as there is zero signal.
31947201-i3SR4.jpgCan't complain about three
Bradleigh10 h, 39 m ago

I changed from 3 to plusnetI'd been with 3 for years as wellI had trouble …I changed from 3 to plusnetI'd been with 3 for years as wellI had trouble getting signal where others had one , internet was slow alsoCrap customer service in India with 3 if you can get hold of themMy internet is so much faster with plusnetBest buy a payg SIM as mentioned and try yourselfI wouldn't bother tbh

Having just got my PAC from 3 with no early exit fee, I would agree 99% - the 1% is that there are some helpful folk at 3 (not including the guy who couldn't hear me - yep, because their network is **** - so put me on hold and left me there 10 minutes, thinking I was in the queue for the 2nd level support department I had asked to be transferred to)!

I would prefer Vodafone to three on network quality - just there customer 'service' is worse again in my experience!
Depends on where you live, a couple of years back I switched to Three (because of the free use of the phone abroad) and within 1 month i had to cancel the contract as I could not get a signal at all. But then I know people that on Three and swear by it, as suggested , get a free sim and try it, don't listen to their customer services if they tell you that it will work for sure
Moved from O2 to 3 a year ago and in the same phone 3 is significantly worse for generally reception. I'm up in Nov and leaving....
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