Three network REFUND for PAYG and Pay Monthly contract for some of the UB8 areas

Posted 25th Mar 2011
This post is for ppl who are genuinely affected by Three network's services. ** If you do not live/work in the areas written below then please DO NOT tell a lie or misrepresent yourself cuz all mobile companies can track down your location very precisely and your mobile network location's post code does reflect on customer service guy's computer screen.

Earn £5 for PAYG and upto half rental charges for this month from Three on your pay monthly tariff. All you need to be in postcode UB8 3FG (Brunel University), UB8 2PR (the road along Uxbridge High School), UB8 2DW, UB8 2DR, UB8 2PL and UB8 2PW.

If you live or work in any of the above Post codes then call Three technical support team and tell them that you are facing network problem since 14th of this month. The network is ON & OFF so can't make or receive calls and/or calls get dropped.

PAYG tell them that you are paying for voicemails cuz of no network. You would get a refund of £5.
If on monthly contract then Three would knock off 15 days line rental for this month.

Hope this will help those who genuinely facing this problem in the areas written above.

Community Updates
I have had this problem recently in the HA4 area, they gave me a weeks free line rental after an hour arguing with them that my mobile didn't work, had to use landline
I got refund for my PAYG and monthly contract within 2 minutes. No haggling at all. I just told them about the problem the guy put me on hold for a minute or so and came and said that some sort of maintenance work is going on in this area. I said, "look my concern is that I am paying for not using the network's services." He immediately agrees to make a refund/credit my account.

No haggling at all. We are aware of that their call centres are in India and their cust serv reps sounds rude but they are not rude. It is their problem with English. Cuz of their native languages even if they they speak politely they sound rude. Ever spoken (especially written communication) with Eastern Europeans!!! Gosh! I work in Uni's marketing team and travel a lot to Asian countries. I found out that this is the way they speak. Ever been to a BP station in HA4 area or anywhere else you find Asian's serving on the tills, ask them something, and they sound 'rude' but they are not rude. yeah I do agree that most of the time cust servs reps become repetitive cuz thats what they been told or trained by 'our very own English companies.' peace!!

Edited by: "LondonFarmer" 25th Mar 2011
I work with a majority of Eastern Europeans, I dont have a problem with them I was just trying to point out that the problem is in other areas too so other people should be aware.
just finally cancelled my 3 network today after 3 days of them trying to push me in to a new contract with the worst deals ever.
From day one the signal was poor and i got told by customer services in india its my phone even though my brother has a diffrent phone and had the same network problem.
just sent a letter to the manager to explain how poor the network has been ect.
and from april the 24th im finally FREE from THREE!. YESSSSSSSSSS!
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