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Found 4th Apr
I recently had a couple of contracts with three come to an end. It seems three's policy is that if you owe money to three on the final bill they will automatically deduct it from your bank account. However if your account is in credit upon final bill they will only refund the amount back if you ask for it. Seems a bit unfair that three hangs on to money from customers who couldn't be bothered to chase them for refund. Is it worth complaining to the Ombudsman service to get three to have a relook at their policy? Do other mobile operators do the same?
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Didn't do that to me when my last contract was finished a couple of years ago.
artnada13 m ago

Didn't do that to me when my last contract was finished a couple of years …Didn't do that to me when my last contract was finished a couple of years ago.

I had contracts come to end in Nov 17 and Dec 17 - and this is definitely what they do
To go to the Ombudsman, you have to complain to Three first and to do that, you probably need to find the Ts&Cs where it says this is the policy. If it doesn't, then it's common theft and the police should get involved (but won't).

Only after 8 weeks of non agreement or a Deadlock letter, you can go to the Ombudsman. A cynic would say that's weighted in favour of the company. But there is a But. The Ombudsman is really easy to talk to and they do the hard work.

An alternative is to go to Which and Money Saving Expert. Both should be interested and both should cite consumer law that prohibits penalties like this being buried in Ts&Cs. They must be openly declared
Everything else they've been fine but I too had a similar problem about 6 months ago.
i have had to request money back from EE when my contract ended and i was in credit. mobile operators don't always refund you automatically when you close your account.

they also charge you monthly in advance when you first take out a monthly contract and probably charge you again when you leave, hoping that by that time, most people would have forgotten that they had actually paid monthly in advance.

you have to be on your toes with these mobile providers, they are very sneaky and do not have an honest customer charging policy. they are all the same as one another, do not trust any of them.
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