Three On-Line Ordering

    Just a bit of a heads up to warn anybody that has used Three Store that they are having a major IT meltdown. Orders are being lost, duplicated and ignored. I placed an order for a Mifi Dongle, the order was cancelled, money taken by Three but no record of any transaction with Three. The order was placed again, their system then generated an additional 2 orders. It then subsequently cancelled one of the duplicates; my credit card company then suspended the card because of suspicious activity on the account. Three then cancelled the remaining outstanding orders because it was unable to take payment. Once the credit card had verified that the activity was legit it then released the payment to Three. So now Three have payment for 3 Myfi dongles on orders that it has cancelled, as the orders are cancelled it doesn't recognise payment against those orders so won't refund the money!
    Several calls to Three Customer Services has been fruitless apart from an admission from a supervisor that the ordering system is in meltdown and I'm not the only one in this situation.
    My advice would be to buy instore, or elsewhere!


    I won't deal with three again, very poor service in my opinion.

    I received an email on 18 November that my order was ready for despatch and should be with me on 17 November!
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