Three or Vodafone for a mobile phone contract, tariff, Retentions also

    three or vodafone ? Retentions?


    I was thinking of joining either one of these.
    What I wanted to know was, if I was to phone them up within 14 days of starting a contract can I call them, threaten to leave and will they give me more minutes or a better phone for free?


    i wouldnt be at all surprised if they do... you will probably have to write to termanate the contract anyway and i think if thay are like o2 then they will have a disconnections section who can give away free stuff to keep you. GIJimmy

    100% they wont give you better deal.You sign contract ONLY if you are happy what it says,all mobile companys doing the same.

    Three are right ..... about their contracts. It'd be interesting to see them challenged using the distance selling regulations /sale of goods since they say that as soon as you insert and use the sim in the phone, they won't accept it back, even if it's still within the cooling period for signing a new contract.

    You might have some luck with Vodafone since they do adhere to regulations.
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