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Posted 11th Jan 2021
Hi everyone,

Wanted to ask for some advice.

It seems like Three are officially changing their PAYG rates so their 321 rates will no longer exist from 16th Feb. Now, I just spoke to an advisor on the phone who confirmed to me even old users like myself who are currently on their 3-2-1 deal will incur the same new charges from 16th Feb.

I can see on Twitter it's happening to others who have received the same SMS notification and I'm now thinking of leaving Three after so many years. I think I've been with them for over 5-6 years on their PAYG 3-2-1 tariff as that's what suits my needs.

What does everyone think of networks like 1p Mobile (who piggyback on EE)? Are they good? I'm in London so does anyone know what they're like in terms of data speeds etc? iD Mobile also seem like they offer 3-2-1 and they run on 3 so is this a decent alternative?

It's a shame because for someone like me, the 3-2-1 deal is perfect and a £5/£10 topup lasts me quite a few months, in general.

Would be grateful to hear thoughts from others who are in a similar position as me.

Thank you.
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