Three Phone Contract.

    I have a contract with them at the moment only a month in to it, I got a phone with the contract but it is broken so tomorrow I am going to a 3 store to take it back, I was wondering if anyone knew if I could change my plan and get a new phone as I am not happy with it and I would like more minutes/texts. I would even sign a new 18 month contract, does any one know if any of this is possible?

    Thanks in advance.



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    So no chance of signing a new contract and getting a new phone? I am sick of these phones breaking on me, its the first time this phone has broke and my last phone broke 3 times.

    They'll let you upgrade and add your remaining term to the new contract (so a new 18 month contract will run 19), but you won't get as good a deal as if you where out of your current contract.

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    Yeah I know that, I just was hoping that they would let me sign up again for a new phone, I might not even want one depends on what they offer. Will someone like Phones4u buy out the contract or not? Its 17 months at £8? I know they usually buy out contracts but I am not sure if it's too large a contract lol

    Phones4u will only buy you out in the last 3 months of a contract.

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    Right OK, is that the same with them all?


    I'm not even sure cpw still do buy outs, sorry. . .

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    Thanks for your help, rep added.

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    I went in today and they said that I couldn't cancel that contract and sign a new one, if I was to sign up again I would have to have them both. Gutted
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