Three quidco/recommend a friend help needed please!

Found 30th Mar 2008
Hi there

Does anyone know if you can take advantage of quidco and the recommend a friend promotion and if so can you tell me (bearing in mind i'm technically challenged!) how to do it?

Many thanks in advance
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no you can only do one or the other
many thanks

many thanks

your welcome, i wouldnt say im 100% sure, but im sure its been asked a few times and the response has been one or the other
Well there's conflicting reports whether or not both works. I'm getting my 30 quid recommend a friend and my quidco is vlaidated. I'll have to wait till may to see if I get it though!

I did it and it worked

The instructions are somewhere, let me find them...


[CENTER]Instructions For Refer a Friend and QuidcoGoto Quidco, Login and … [CENTER]Instructions For Refer a Friend and QuidcoGoto Quidco, Login and find 3 link to website (Shop with this merchant)On 3 Website (Top Right Tab Bar) Click "Recommend a Mate" TabOn recommend a mate page click "Aready been Recommended" (Right Hand Side)Click "Shop Online Now" tab (Middle of page right hand side)Pick your phone and price plan!Click "Continue" (Right hand side box)Enter "Accessories Voucher code" in Voucher code box and then click "Update" to get voucher.Continue to enter personal Details.You will then get the extra "Recommend a Friends Phone No" below Debit Cards on Personal Data Page.Fill in friends Phone Number at this point as you cannot go back to it!Continue with the rest of your details and ENJOY!Quidco should track more or less straight away as you have come from their site, you have refered a friend for the £30 each and you also will get a nice £20 voucher with phone delivery!Regards to all Billyhl[/CENTER]

ooops sorry, i thought i had seen it said, sorry if i am wrong :oops:
I got my three quidco paid and also the refer a friend, I waited a few weeks and called them to check the refer a friend and they confirmed it would be applied. I have since taken another contract for my husbands phone and again received quidco, and refer a friend on his account and mine as well!
Thanks so much! Will give it a go fingers crossed. Will add to rep
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