Three Roam Like At Home - scrapping EU roaming costs on essential plans

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From 15 June, the way you use your phone abroad is changing.
We’re making some important changes to Feel At Home, and how you use your Pay Monthly plan abroad. These changes mean you’ll be able to use your plan in even more destinations, at no extra cost and include how you can use Feel at Home in European destinations following a change in the law that covers the rules on roaming in the EU. You might see this referred to in some places as “Roam Like at Home”.
The difference between Roam Like at Home and Feel At Home.
We know this might be a bit confusing, but the basic difference is this:
Roam Like At Home is what the regulatory rules covering roaming in the EU is known as, that requires network providers to charge the same for data, calls and texts across all EU and EEA destinations as they do at home. In the case of some networks, this means cutting their charges considerably.
Feel At Home is a service we’ve had in place for quite some time already, that allows Three customers to use your allowances to call and text the UK and use your data, and it won't cost you a penny more. With the introduction of the Roam Like At Home regulations, we’re expanding our list of Feel At Home destinations to 60 worldwide, to provide even more value for our customers.
Community Updates
The FUP of 12GB roaming data would benefit from clarification, specifically for users with plans that have less than inclusive 12GB data per period.
finally! they are not advertising it on their website!
Where does it refer to the essential plans?
I think that what they mean is that essential plans will be like feel at home in the EU and that feel at home will get more locations to make up for the additional cost. Guess we can enjoy it before May drives us over a cliff trying to outpace UKIP.
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