THREE ROAMING AND TETHERING UPDATE - No caps tethering and HD video streaming when roaming in the EU amongst other updates in description. (Most from December update)

Posted 7th Aug 2018
Following Ofcom UK's probe on Three and Vodafone, Ofcom have announced that all Three upgrading and new customers now recieve:

"Since we opened our investigation in March 2018, Three has confirmed that it has already:

* withdrawn restrictions which slowed down speeds of Peer-to-Peer and Virtual Private Network traffic for customers when roaming within the EU; and
* withdrawn restrictions on the use of handset SIMs in dongles and mifis.

Three has also confirmed that, from December 2018 (or earlier), it will:

* cease to restrict video quality to Standard Definition when its customers are roaming in the EU;
* remove any specific tethering or hotspot allowance for new or upgrading customers, to allow for unrestricted tethering (within the UK or EU);
* remove any requirements for customers to purchase a Data Passport to tether when roaming in the EU;
* allow customers on all Advanced Plans to tether without restriction; and
* allow customers on Essential Plans to tether on their current plan, or to migrate to the nearest equivalent Advanced Plan available at that time."

This means that we lose our 30GB tethering limit and our VPN usage in the EU and we can now put our mobile SIMs in personal hotspots/MiFi dongles.
We also lose the ridiculous SD Video streaming limit in the EU. Thanks Ofcom!

More details in the ISPreview article HERE
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