Three Sim Card in EE Phone

Posted 1st Jul 2017

Does anyone know if a Three Mobile sim will fit into a locked EE I Phone?
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Fit... probably with the right adapter if its not the same
Work...most likely not if it is locked to EE. You can get most phones unlocked these days for free/small charge directly from the network especially if its out of contract etc
Sims come in 3 sizes nano, micro and standard... if you mean will three work in an EE phone then not unless it's unlocked as they are different networks
Sim cards physically fit into a phone based on the handset not the carrier, the carrier/provider determines it's ability to work as an actual phone or as an electro brick with apps.

if you ever get a pay as you go sim you will see there are 3 sizes; the big ol' chunky original sim size, which i am not sure if smart phones still use that, then there is a part you can push out to get the chip and a little bit of plastic remaining which fit most phones a few years ago, but many smart phones today just accept the physical smallest size the sim will be which is just the chip, which although it will physically fit into every phone it may not be designed to do so; imagine putting a dvd into a vcr, it will likely get stuck or break something.…ned this link explains all the sizes.

If a phone is locked to one network it will ignore sims from other networks, similar to video games consoles don't all accept any disk in them because the are still games, you can't play a WiiU game on a Playstation, the same applies to mobile phone carriers.

You can however find phones that are unlocked to all networks though, and I believe it is possible to have a phone unlocked to accept networks but that is the extent of my knowledge on it, just that it can be done.
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