Found 31st Aug 2006
Just thought I'd have a quick post to thank all you chaps and lady-chaps that post deals. In the last few months I've bought myself a buttload of cool stuff and got into the habit of ordering the wife small bits'n'bobs that I see that she might like (Charmed Season 1 today for £10. Woohoo). So not only do I get loads of cheap gadgets but the wife thinks I'm a fantastic hubby with all the generosity (since I dont exactly mention the cheap internet bargain part)

So thanks!!!

(I was going to title this post "HUKD Got Me laid" but I thought I'd better not :evil: )


Thank you Jonno for the kind words :wink:

[IMG-float=left][/IMG-float] Cheers for the thumbs up! I think lots of users do what you do jonno, HUKD certainly seems to keep very many female partners in bits and bobs!!!

Well said Emma, this site sure does help some keep my girl quiet...for a few seconds albeit.
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