Three ultd 4g broadband £17pm 24mo contract for existing customers

Posted 31st Jul
Just got an email from Three informing me the signal in my area has been upgraded. At the bottom of the email is a deal for unlimited broadband for £17pm for 24mo contract.

Seems a decent price

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Looks like a good deal to say that you wouldn't need a phone line and broadband package. Perfect for those that want to save a bit of money or can't normally get a phone line and those with a strong 3 signal in the area and in their home. People might want to check the speeds they are likely to get, if they do go for this offer.....if available to them.
Wouldnt trust their coverage checker, supposedly good indoor and outdoor in my area, never got better than 1mb, due to 'over-utilisation' in my area. Been like that since 2018.
Wouldnt throw £17 a month on this. Check out three_is_broken on Twitter. Loads of people with similar issues.
You've been warned.
Signal strength doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get good speeds. It’s probably over subscribed like my area, I get anything from 5mb to 30mb through a 24hr period.
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