three word game

very naughty boy
that munches sausages
all day long
I eat worms
posted in requests
peanuts and poppadoms
curry and rice
poor forum spammer ;-)
wibble caterpillar undetermined
auspicious unbelievable detonator ....
move to misc ?
It's all over
it is now..........
i like staplers
that are really
They Are Cute
and they smell
but only on
the lower back
is quite low
on your dads
priority because he
sucked his wife
and your mums
and your grans
and your nans
and your sister
rhymes with blister
Poor Poor sister!!
she plays twister!!
falls over all
the custard pit
because they staple......
oops i didnt realise there were more pages hahahahahaha ill go again....
ends with blisters.......
all over his
soft leather recliner
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