Three Word Game

i like your


mums sexy smile

Original Poster

and her big

fat juicy thighs

Original Poster

grannys mums a

very good cook

Original Poster

and shes a

bout to move...

why don't you

shut up PLEASE

Original Poster

you are a

irritating little rash

and loves mash

Original Poster

with some sausages

eggs and beef

this is not

a for sale

or trade thread

Original Poster

yeah i know

Original Poster

it is a

Original Poster

bit of fun

so join in

you stuck up

Original Poster

silly silly man

post it in

misc with the

other time wasters

trolls trolls trolls

i collected those

when i was

Original Poster

a young boy

did you really

Moved to misc where it belongs!

I did not

you did what

to the monkey?

shut up please!

Original Poster

hi my name

can be found

if you google...

three word games
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