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    Hello all
    my contract is about up and i was looking at 3, i talked to the helpline and they gave me a code for 20 off any assessory. so if iv gone through quidco can i use this code or not? want to make sure i get quidco as its £80 back. i also saw that there where codes on here but posts where really old.



    its a hit n miss ...
    dont risk it for £20 biskit

    It will be hit or miss if you get the Quidco or not if you use the code.

    If its £80 then I'd leave the code and buy without.

    i'd say move outta three.. thats the best new yrs resolution ya cud do


    It will be hit or miss if you get the Quidco or not if you use the … It will be hit or miss if you get the Quidco or not if you use the code.If its £80 then I'd leave the code and buy without.:)

    is that james cameron's avatar :whistling::whistling:


    Ive used vouchers with a mobile and mobile broadband contract in the last 6 months and quidco has been paid without a problem and on time
    £32.50 for the mobile, and £100 for the mobile broadband that should be hitting my bank account any day

    I'd also say avoid being tempted with 3's low prices. The customer service when you have an issue is beyond awful and the network is so patchy. I've stayed with em for 3 years and it's never got better.


    Patchy in what way, I have full coverage on both my mobile and dongle and I live out in the sticks a couple of miles from anywhere, do you live in a cave or down a well?
    They have the largest 3g network in the UK, and they use orange as a backup for 2g coverage.
    Ive never had a problem with their customer services, the one time Ive had to call them in 2 years I was helped by a very friendly lady, spent half an hour going through my connection issues and everything got sorted.

    Original Poster

    hmm i think ill leave the voucher and not risk it, i can always try to complain and see if i can get it after ordering. and as for choosing 3, the person i talk to the most is on 3 plus the phone with internet package seems ok even tho its tying me in for 2 years, just coming of 18months with o2 feb 6th. im little hesitant with the coverage but on my post code its all dark purple and the light purple patches are few and far from me. so their map says i should be ok but the person who was 3 sometimes their reception is spotty, but this was months ago.

    im getting 3 because of the 3g coverage, if i get the phone and find out the coverage is bad or my internet on the phone drops can i cancel? like i said their post code checker says full indoor coverage.

    cheers guys
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