Three/Quidco Help!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeease



    Just placed an order with 3 again as had to cancel it before as they couldn't supply me with the N80.

    But this time they are giving an extra £50 so I took another handset.

    What is is I went through Quidco for the cashback...and everything went well. But then I checked an email from 3 saying that:

    Thank you for ordering your handset from 3.

    In order to process your order we have to authenticate your payment card and address details, unfortunately on this occasion we have been unable to verify all the details at this time.

    To continue with your order please call 0870 333 1829, where an advisor will be able to help you.

    Will this affect my Quidco....

    Would appreciate ur replies.




    Will this affect my Quidco....

    It'll probably mean the quidco will be declined, as the transaction will not have been completed fully and wholly online. :?

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    Oh No!

    I only wanted this deal as its a heck of deal only if u go thru Quidco....Now Im unsure what to do!

    Any ideas....

    Cancel, then try it again? But what if the same thing happens again... :? ??

    Cancel and try again:giggle:

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    :-( couldn't find the cryin' emoticon......

    Thats true...but I thought the order has gone through Quidco..but only needs to verified by Three...

    So I should still get soo confuzzled now...DAYM! lol

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    Just went on Quidco...

    Date Merchant Amount (£) Earnings (£) Status Payment Date
    27 Mar 2007 3 Mobile 0.00 100.00 tracked ~ May 2007

    Is this is a GOOD SIGN! :w00t:


    Just went on Quidco...Date Merchant Amount (£) Earnings (£) Status P … Just went on Quidco...Date Merchant Amount (£) Earnings (£) Status Payment Date 27 Mar 2007 3 Mobile 0.00 100.00 tracked ~ May 2007 Is this is a GOOD SIGN! :w00t:

    Well did you cancel and place another order???...if not and that cashback refers to the order above...which I take has not been actioned???..then I expect your cashback will be declined at a later date.

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    Hey CurryChops!!!

    Well I did place an order before but I cancelled that, that was applied via my friends Quidco account.

    However I opened a new one myself today (Quidco acc) as I wanted to place an order with 3. This account shows that £100 for this order (the one which 3 are asking me to call up so I can verify card details) thus it has tracked for this new order.

    However now 3 are saying blah bkah ring us verify details etc am unsure what to do.....really want Quidco..

    I assume they are asking me to call up as I cancelled an account with them last week...I thought what if I try again but this time pay with another card?

    The tracked one will be declined as it was not fully completed online.

    If it were me skippy I'd phone and cancel the order they are asking you to phone about...then as you say make a fresh order using a different bit of advice ..clear the cookies on your browser before you commence the order.

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    Thanks you two!!!!

    Its been processed!
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