three/unlocked phone deals

    Does anyone know where i can get the best deal on either a three network phone or an unlocked phone. Looking for a half decent handset, 3g, with facebook app and possibly android.
    3 handsets just seem to be so few and far between and too expensive!

    Reason for needing it to work on three network as i have a contract sim and looking for replacement phone.

    Would REALLLYYY appreciate some help, been waiting months to find a deal but cant find anything. Was waiting on the HTC wildfire to go down in price aswell but doesnt seem to be happening!!


    why don't you get one of these and get it unlocked?

    Original Poster

    hmmm im not sure about that one... going to look into it... thank you

    better than a wildfire by all accounts and now free to unlock

    Original Poster

    thank you, i think im gonna go with that, i just need to read thru the read, itrs so long now im trying to get the jist of how to get the best price !:)
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