Throat problems - any specialists?

    Problems with my throat started in oct/nov 2008 and have been going back and forth to different doctors since then.
    They first thought it was tonsilitis and then found a lump on my tonsils, they were scared it could be cancer so sent to hospital for checks.
    It wasn't but was stillsore and would on occasions get worse and visibly inflamed.
    Also was told it could be viral and last up to 6 months.
    Went to doctors who thought it may be because I'm a teacher and sent me to speech therapy specialist.
    I went to these sessions where the specialist felt around my neck and said it was clearly not right and seemed very strained. (this has been commented by others inthe past saying my voice is raspy/strained.
    After a couple of sessions the specialist admitted it didn't seem to be helping much.
    In some ways I gave up trying.

    However over the last 3/4 days it's been getting worse.
    On Thursday I tasted blood in my mouth after having a particularly troubling day with my throat. I spat in a tissue to see blood in the spit.
    Today I lost my voice in the afternoon


    All i can say is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to the doctors.
    This is exactly what happened to my nana and in the end she was diagnosed with lung cancer (not what you want to know i know and the worst case senario)
    Please make an appointment on monday, better to be safe than sorry
    Good luck x

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    Been to walk in today who said that it's clearly red and has problemsbut it's too far down for them to see and need to go to ENT(ear nose throat)! Just feel like I'm going round and round in circles

    I feel for you mate............. going on since 2008 , and now lost your voice.....:w00t:

    Lets hope they can tell you more at your ENT appointment. They should know more than your doctor
    Good luck

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    It's just REALLY starting to get to me know after it being soo long

    have to constantly drink water to try n soothe the pain slightly!

    Tried every throat medication strepsils, pastilles, powders, sprays n just want it over

    Is it your first time to ENT?
    I've also had a very husky voice for years. ENT put camera up nose and down throat (not sore in the slightest just weird!), they found nodules and sent me for speech therapy etc etc...also had the blood etc and feeling like I've swallowed broken glass!!


    You just have to persist with the doctors till you find one who will sort it properly, it may be simple or may be a long job. but you must!

    Does sound like a nodule/nodules on your vocal chords.

    You should request GP to re-refer to ENT as a Cancer case..
    I think you are better off having the tonsils out for histology and require flexible nasoendoscopy. Vocal Cord Polyps are common. Suffered from acid reflux?

    It is better be safe than sorry.

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    Have been to ent before who sent to speech therapy which didn't help
    got a doc appt on Monday who I hope will then refer me to ent!


    I'm not a gyneacologist but I'll look into it for you.....:-D

    I am ENT doctor and it is a valid case for urgent review

    How are things? have you managed to see anybody yet??
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