Throw away Cameras!

    Does anyone know where to get hold of these throw away cameras. Were going to Disneyland Paris and my son wants to take a camera to take his own pics. Rather than let him ruin/break ours i thought it might be easier if we got a couple of these for him.
    The only thing is everywhere on the net i seem to find charge a silly amount of postage for just 2 or 3 of them.
    Any ideas anyone?


    I have some i could let you have

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    Thanx, How much would you like for them?


    Depending on the age, there was a digital camera a few weeks ago on TV (Fisher price possibly?) thats 'child resistant' the kid was chucking it all over the place and it just bounces

    donknow if these are what youre lokin for
    pack of 6 £4.99 plus 3.99 PnP…lay

    Just a couple of pound for postage would be ok. They are new boots ones with flashes

    Pound land, and cost £1!


    My son has a cheap digital camera (£2 car boot sale) and it's great! He gets to see instantly what pictures look like so that means he can learn how to take better pics. Plus I don't have to fork out for developing costs. There are some really cheap digi cams around, might be an idea?

    Kodak in ]Jessops for £1.40 if you can collect
    or £2 in ]Woolies

    Boots buy one get one free at mo

    Tescos sell them - somewhere in the region of £1.50

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    :-DThanx ever so much for everyones help on this.

    home bargains also do them for 99p
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