Thule aero roof bars

Found 30th May 2011
Bought some Aero bars and there is a slight curve to them, are they supposed to be like this as the picture of them on the box is dead straight.

Also where can you get locking end caps for them, I can see locking caps for the square bars but not the Aero ones.

Okay found them but on the diagram the non locking end caps are described as New version and are 5p cheaper, these came with the aero bars.

The old locking caps appears to tighten the feet to the bar, I've got a new version of the feet (754) that are tightened differently. The way I see it is people can just take my accessories off the bars willy nilly now?
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Supose to be straight mine are..

Supose to be straight mine are..

Are they aero bars, what size are they? mine are 869 127cm

It's not a noticeable curve, but if I put them upside down on the floor they rock left and right ever so slightly.
at mo they are in roof box at bottom of garden...and its hisssing it down...but the roof box has clips that slide down the channels so needs to be straight.
the bend really isn't as bad as I think I've made it out to be, it wouldn't stop you putting accessories on. Just looked at my old VW roof bars and they don't have locking end caps either and my accessories weren't stolen off that. So I think it's okay to risk it.
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