Thunderbird email client, recognises its junk mail but still downloads it how can i stop it from downloading please?

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Found 6th Sep 2008
hi just started using thunderbird (after totally falling in love with mozilla).
It is recognising some emails as junk but still downloading them any idea how i can tell it to not download them please?

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It needs to download them before it knows if its junkmail or not. As I understand it (and I am prepared to be corrected here!) the junkmail scan happens while the message is being downloaded from your mailserver to the mail client (thunderbird in your case) until it gets hold of the message it doesn't know what's actually in it.

You can set up a rule to send all junk mail to a 'junk' folder where you can check that it really IS junk before deleting it.

Anyway, just because Thunderbird says it is junk mail it may NOT be junk mail.

If it downloads it then you have a chance to read it and make your mind up.

I got a genuine e-mail from a friend the other day that has the word "free" in the subject line and Outlook said it must be junk mail.

It wasn't junk and I was able to rescue it out of the junk mail folder.

Downloading junk mail can cause your computer no harm. The harm comes if you open an attachment that has a virus, or click on a link that takes to to a phishing site. As long as you do neither of those you are unlikely to get any problems from downloading junk mail.
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