Ticket Sales?

    Are we allowed to sell tickets in For Sale/Trade?

    Basically I have a new Arriva Midlands 4 Weekly Saver bus ticket which commences from the 15th but trouble is, I've just gone out and bought a car!

    I know some sites (such as eBay) don't allow ticket sales so thought I'd ask first.




    You can sell them for face value or less, and you would probably want to post for free as it would only cost around £1 anyway ( use recorded delivery)


    Rule (7) If advertising a ticket sale it should be at face value and NOT an inflated price. (Note: you cannot resell train tickets or football/soccer tickets)

    Wouldnt think that this would fall under rail ticket rules but perhaps a mod can clarify.

    Only problem you now have is that you wont be able to list them for 7 days as you have been too specific in this thread :NUDGE:WINK:

    Yes you can sell it (no rail ticket sales), slim chances you will get much interest though. Can you not return it for a refund, I am sure you can get even part refunds if you surrender it after say 2 weeks of a 4 week pass.

    shame it wasnt north west and wales i would of had it

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    I paid about £40 for it, but wouldn't mind if I got £30 or so. And no, Arriva have said they won't refund the ticket.

    from their web site say you have got wrong zone etc
    I booked the wrong zone by mistake when I bought my ticket online. Will I get a refund?

    The ticket needs to be returned to customer services before a refund can be processed. An administration fee will be applied.

    the fact that its arriva means that your likely to get even less interest - unless it allows to go on the centro buses as well.
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