Ticket to Ride (Board Game)

Posted 18th Dec 2019
Anyone have it, and your personal opinions.
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I am gifting it this Xmas to my youngest (on their request), but have personally played the board game a few times and it is fun for family (minimum 7yo I'd say) as well as bug kids.

I've also played the app version (it was in a humble bundle a while back) many times (against the computer) and it is still fun, but the human element really elevates the game play.

Check out the bible:
One of my favourite board games.

Its complex but not too complex. Probably not much harder than monopoly really. Its possible to play very tactically and do well, but also quite simple to just play and see what happens.
Played it many times. It's a great game and a much better family game than the traditional games. It's also considered a gateway game as uses mechanics found in more modern board games. That is, if you enjoy this then there are slightly more complex modern games that you would also enjoy. Not to say this is simplistic though, it's just very easy to grasp the concept.
It can get very tense though, especially when someone steals your route right before you were about to play it
The Europe edition is supposed to be better as well than the US one. Can't really comment as only played the US one.
One of those easy to pick up games that’s good for adults to play , actually made me think we should pull ours out to play over Christmas as it hasn’t been used for a while . I like a game that doesn’t have pages of complex rules to learn , and this is definitely a play it straight out of the box type game .
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