Ticketmaster is scam-master!!

    saw this on watchdog last night,
    happened to me like last year wanted to book tickets for T20 world cup, was so excited and on the day when the time came the web site kept saying that you are in the Q, like for more then 20 mins then sold out, while web was loading up i called then got through straight away but they sold out, that was in like 5-10 mins, i did question them how come like all the tickets could sold out for all the major match's,

    but i know why NOW...........,


    pretty disgusting really, but thats people for you

    well done

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    well done

    Watchdog were too soft on them imho,and didnt ask the right questions. It is absolutely clear that ticketmaster DO sell tickets on getmein themselves-it isnt all greedy individuals. But most importantly,getmein(tm) offer a guarantee that you will receive tickets-the only way they can possibly do this is to retain tickets themselves from the promoters allocation so that they have replacements to issue if an individual on getmein doesnt deliver.

    The sooner the government make it illegal,as they did with football tickets the better imho.Promoters could do more as well if they wanted-when I took daughter to miley cyrus at 02 last christmas,you HAD to produce your credit card you bought the tickets with at the door,and if you couldnt,you were refused entry.
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