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    purchased a number of tickets for AC/DC on 1st July today from ticketmaster, how soon do they release the tickets, when I am likely to get them in the post, some have to be forward on to friends and family as gifts


    should get them by Friday first class post

    It could be 1 week before the event, think that's the latest, but I got it 2 weeks before the event when I purchased from them, it all depends, but they do email you when it's nearly ready to be dispatched.

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    should get them by Friday first class post

    was told would not get them until nearer the concert 1 week or 1 month before?

    Is that something they've said specifically for this gig? (in reference to adamsxi's claim)
    because gig tickets are often (in my experience almost always) normally sent out a short while before the gig (i would expect the tickets for this to arrive in early june). this is partly to fight the resale market. not sure of the other reasons.

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    that stupid, people already selling them all over the net, so not stopping reselling,

    You could always buy personalised event cards on eBay for the recipients. To have something to open. Describing the event, date etc
    I bought some for about £4. Laminated to great keep sake


    that stupid, people already selling them all over the net, so not … that stupid, people already selling them all over the net, so not stopping reselling,

    yeah. there's always a way around it.
    with these services, people are obliged to send out tickets as and when they're received.
    the main reselling hubs (getmein, seatwave, viagogo, stubhub (which all charge incredibly high fees)) will know when tickets have been dispatched from vendor, so if there's an issue, they may take decisive action early on. also these days a lot of tickets are electronic (terrible for those who have a collection of stubs) which can be uploaded to their servers as and when they're emailed out (except getmein who expect buyer to pay a courier fee and seller to print out, wait for courier and dispatch in a very specific type of envelope).

    For a July gig I expect you'd get the tickets from May onwards if I'm going by my past experience buying from Ticketmaster. Latest you'll receive them is 5 days before the event which is when you contact TM about them if you haven't got them yet.
    I've never gotten an email saying my tickets have been dispatched, I usually log into my TM account on their site and it tells you when they're in the process of being dispatched.
    Ticket update page
    AC/DC will probably appear a bit nearer to the event but handy page for all gig goers

    Our tickets for John Bishop last week finally arrived 24 hours before the event !!!!! Not impressed with Ticketmaster at all, but a lot of the time you don't have a lot of choice but to pay their ridiculous service charges for poor service. In answer to your question, they don't usually start to send tickets out until 2 or 3 weeks before the event.

    Wish trading standards or someone would investigate these booking fees. From agencies to theatre box offices its all a rip off.

    Just received my Slipknot tickets for end of January - they came on sale around 1/2 months ago. Have known tickets to arrive super close to the time though.

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    Amazing my ticket for AC/DC came today, ordered on the 17th December.
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