Tickle me Elmo tmx

Found 9th Nov 2010
Hello all,

Hope you are all having a good night. I was on you tube the other day looking for videos of sesame street to show my baby. I came across a video of the tickle me Elmo tmx doll. It rolls about and laughs his head off and looks really cool. You should check it out. Made my kid laugh loads watching it.

The question is when I look on the Internet I can only seem to find it in America and seems to be around the 140 dollar Mark which seems pretty expensive to me. I was wondering if any one new of where I could get one over here for a bit cheaper.

Cheers to you all and good day
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Elmo live is better
I think you will have trouble finding Elmo TMX now, as honey has said Elmo live is better and more readily avilable around the £50 mark.
ive not seen elmo live, ill get on to it
saw both tickle me elmo and elmo live instore at toys r us about a month ago.
we had elmo live and although entertained all the adults the little ones were scared of it 3 & 1 at the time.
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