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Hello, I planted a clematis plant in my garden last year and when I bought it, it had some small pieces of green tape fixing the stems to the bamboo cane. This year it seems to be growing really well and I would like to fix it to a trellis on my wall. Can somebody tell me if I am supposed to remove these pieces of green tape if I want to support the stems on a trellis plant, or does the green tape have to stay in place? Thank you.
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If you are fixing to a trellis you don't need the cane. Cut it off and buy some BROAD not narrow ties from a garden centre. If they are narrow they will saw into the stem as it moves in the wind.
Then find out which variety of Clematis you have- there are 3 types . Some flower only on new growth , some only on old wood ,and some on both. They require different pruning at different times of the year !

And I bet you thought growing Clematis was easy
Remove the green plastic ties and the cane. Get a spool of jute string (without plastic/polypropalene) and tie the clematis to the trellis. Unlike plastic based ties, the string will rot before it strangles the plant. You'll get it in the pound shop for a lot less than a garden centre.
Thank you all for your advice, much appreciated.
This thread just reminded me of The Chase at the weekend, Bradley Walsh asked Alan Titchmarsh if he had any flowers named after him. He replied I’ve got four types of flowers but my favourite has to be the sweet pea, apparently it does very well on the ground, but does even better up against a wall.
Made me smile.
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