Tiesto @ Liverpool Echo Arena last night, anyone go?

    Just though I'd ask if any other HUKD'ers were at Echo Arena last night to watch Tiesto perform.

    I really enjoyed it in the standing area. Was seated when watched him at the O2 Arena 2 years ago but it just didn't feel right, the standing was much more enjoyable.

    When he played his remix of Delirium - Silence, that had to be the highlight of the night for me, outstanding!

    Wasn't too impressed with the long queue to get into the Arena but once I was in, enjoyed every minute of it.

    Will have to wait for Ibiza in the summer before I can see him perform again ;-)


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    Guess not then lol.

    Rocked it at the CIA on friday:thumbsup:

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    Rocked it at the CIA on friday:thumbsup:

    He did the same last night at the Echo. Seems his HUKD fans are few though from the lack of comments I've had here.

    Glad you enjoyed it tiger, should see him in Ibiza, quality!
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