Tiger woods 06 N73

    Can any peeps help to get tiger woods 06 for the nokia N73, im having problems finding games for it, maybe coz the N73 is just out.

    I need one that sends the game without subscription etc

    cheers:thumbsup: where does everyone buy there games for their mobiles ????


    Is that a symbian 60 series by any chance? Might be able to help you out here.

    Yeah the n73 is a symbian 60 series mate.

    DO you have the game or just want to download it?

    Might be hard just to find the game on its own to buy but you can get it from a subscribtion service and then text stop to the company and you then no longer have the subscription.

    Ive got an xda mini mate and i just download the games straight onto it as it accepts pc applications.

    Will have a look around though,

    Original Poster

    i found a site that gives you free, tw 06, pacman, deal or no deal, need for speed carbon, space invaders etc its got loads of themes aswell

    if you want ill send out the link

    ive got a ppc mate so symbian versions dont work.

    I use…dss

    if you could email me the link though it would be handy,

    [email protected]

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