Tight shoes

    Hey. Quick question. I purchased a pair of platform pumps from new look I take a size four however the left shoe is really tight on my foot although the right one fits perfect. Im looking for a method of how to loosen the shoe. Ive tried puting socks on with it but theres no difference. Ive heard if u put water into a bag and put it in the front of the shoe and put it in the freezer itll help loosen it. But im not keen on putting it in the freezer


    I've also heard putting wet newspaper into shoes helps to loosen them off.
    maybe slightly better than putting them in the Freezer.

    Some shoe shops sell a spray that stretches the shoe x

    Put sock on and then shoe (obviously) then use a hairdryer for about 5 minutes or until your foot gets too hot. Repeat a couple of times, should expand the leather. Never tried myself but someone at work said it helps.

    Some shoe repairers with stretch the shoes for you.

    Take to a shoe repair shop. They have proper stretchers to do the job

    Buy a bigger size for that foot

    It will only help if shoes are leather as it stretches. However, as its from new look, I would suspect its some synthetic rubbish so won't work.
    Tsk them back and ask for an exchange!

    cobblers have stretchers. Also sometimes u can buy shoe trees / stretchers and do it urself

    Quickest way is to wear a very wet thick sock,like thermal sock, with this shoe for a day. Its bit painful but works really good.
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