Tigi Catwalk Products....Seriously need Help!!!

    My hair is natural curly/african american type and very high maintenance, i can only use certain tigi catwalk products, otherwise my hair mattes together, and i end up having to have it all chopped off, now im usually on the ball with my stash of products, but thought i would check to see what ive got left, realised i need some more, gone to order from where i usually order off the web and the product has been discontinued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart Failure!

    So ive searched the web endlessly today and cant find it, the product in question is called,

    Tigi Catwalk Curl Booster, Tall Blue Bottle, retails at around £10 but i always managed to find it at around £5 a bottle,

    The other product im having trouble finding is my conditioner too! Tigi Catwalk Honey and Oatmeal - 750ml size bottle, retails at £20 a bottle, usually manage to find it at £ head and fingers are hurting tryna find these 2 products, so im wondering if my fellow hukd members would be happy to help me in my search


    use smartprice lard gem-it works a treat!

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    use smartprice lard gem-it works a treat!

    No! Its no good for my locks! Trust me, youve never seen nowt like um! x
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    TJ Hughes have lots of Tigi products in my local store and they are probably the type of company that buys up discontinued stock cheap, might be worth checking if u have one nearby

    I am sure watt bros which are based in scotland sell this like the comment above they sell dicontinued items dont know if you can buy online at watt bros…375

    delivery included in the price.

    All tigi is half price including the huge 750ml oatmeal conditioners
    note gem, that the oatmeal is now discontinued, so might be worth stocking up
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    hello, iv been looking the product, tigi compact foundation n0 3, i cant get it anywhere wud it be possible til get it online anywhere, please help as it is the only foundation with good coverage for me, many thanks marie
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