Tiguan Lease - room to negotiate?

Found 26th Jun 2018
My partner is desperate to get a Tiguan. Apparently there is a shortage at the moment due to some kind of manufacturing issue, so a 5 month wait for any orders. We want to just lease it - not interested in having it for more than 3 years. He does max 12k miles per year and is keen to have maintenance included. Model must have Sat Nav.
We went to local VW dealership and the only one that they have available is as follows;
2.0 litre TDI SCR 150ps 5 door DSG BlueMotion Technologies 4wd

P11D Base price: £33,725
Options: £570
P11D Total price: £34,295

For that on a 3 year contract incl. maintenance they want a deposit of £2097 - they will then do cash back of £750. The monthly rental would then be £436.28 for 36 months.

Naturally, because it’s the only one they are offering, although that’s £40 over what we wanted to pay per month and is 4WD (which we don’t need), he is desperate to get it! Should the deal be better? Is there room to negotiate with the sales person?

We are Contract Hire newbies, having previously always done PCP, so any advice gratefully received!
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They've got 44 at Motorpoint.co.uk where, it seems judging by posts, a number of us get very fairly priced cars. They may not be spec perfect but thee price usually more than makes up for that
A quick check online comes up with a base model with naviation as an optional extra that's £4k cheaper (£13.6k vs. £17.4k), although I have no experience with the company.


Although you can save £1500 but not opting to have maintenance included which might be worth doing.

p.s. Have a good look through the specification. VW tends to make everything optional extras, there aren't many other cars on that price that don't have standard Satnav on half the model range.
The very fact that you're umming and arring suggests it's not a good deal. It's £40 over your budget 4wd which you don't need so either be patient or find a better deal elsewhere. You'll be stuck in a contract for the next 3 years so it's better to be happy from the off.
consider the Ateca or new Yeti version cant remember its name, they are slightly smaller but get better reviews even though much of them are the same as the Tiguan but also watch out these have quiet a long waiting list as well. Ateca was much cheaper a few months ago.
Go look at the Skoda.

My Dad was set on a tiguan and asked me to go with him to look at them. I wasn't that impressed and they seemed expensive. Also it seemed to be impossible to spec a car up as he wanted (no sunroof, leather, heated memory seats)

After a lot of discussion I got him to go to Skoda where he bought a Kodiaq which was bigger, far better spec and cheaper.

He is of an age that still thinks all the skoda jokes of old are true and he was rather surprised at what he found at Skoda. Hes had it 6 months or so now and is delighted with it.

So I'd certainly look at the Kodiaq, Karoq and seat Ateca - they are all vw under the skin but I find that the 'lesser' brands in the group offer much better value.
We just got a Tiguan SE Nav 2.0TDI 2wd on lease over 3 years at 10k miles per year.

£2000 down
£204 per month (not maintained)
base colour

we we had to wait 3 and a half months for delivery.
This one is slightly cheaper than your original deal and it's the 190ps R Line version;


It doesn't include maintenance but that's about £17 per month extra. I'd say what you've been offered isn't a great deal.
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It’s over budget, used more fuel being 4wd and their is a waiting list.
The shortage means they will push for as much as they can get, maximising profit per sale.
It is not a rare car, don’t jump at the first one you see.
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