Tiling DIY help required

    Going to start tiling the bathroom floor next week what the best way to deal with tiling round to toilet.

    Secondly if I need tools to do a good job where can I go to save costs.

    I can see a DIY nightmare starting, Help




    If possible, remove the toilet, tile the floor and then replace the toilet.

    Tiling around toilets or anything curved is a nightmare and only done as a last resort.

    Does the toilet waste pipe go into the floor or through the wall?
    If through the wall, you could remove the toilet and then tile and refit the toilet later.

    Have you looked into getting a "handyman" in to do the job? You supply the tiles etc and he/she will fit? This may be a better way forward... unless you you are doing more than one room?

    Take toilet (WC) out, two screws and a push connector and flush pipie should be screw in. Remember floor if wooden should be covered in plywood 3mm or thicker to take out all the warp with floorboards and ensure well screwed down for mininum movement. Use a waterproof adhesive(wet floors) and grout. Straight forward cuts this way

    Gavan - have never tiled round the loo before but have laminated. I made a cardboard template first before cutting to ensure correct shape. Dont know if this is what you do with the toilet though. Will be interested too because am just about to tile the conservatory floor [hexagon type shape} so lots of awkward cuts. [Never tiled anything before!]

    B&q For An Electric Tile Cutter About £15-£25, Remove Every Thing Tile Under The Toilet Not Around Its Easier In The Long Run (if You Move Its Possition In The Future Like I Had To Do If You Are Tiling On A Wood Sub Structure Use White Bathroom Sealant And Flexable Bathroom Motar, Grout Your Tiles With The White Sealant

    if you can't remove the toilet (best option) then IMHO the only way to achieve the curved cuts you're going to need would be to buy a cheap power tilesaw. i bought one when i did the kitchen floor and with the aid of a cardboard template and pin-template you can achieve very good results.


    get a man in..... liable to end up costing more if you lift the toilet and crack it.....

    i also laminated round the toilet and did the same with the cardboard stencil.. worked a treat

    being experienced bathroom fitter for 20 years ideally remove toilet,lay minium 9mm wbp ply screwed 150mm centres ,unibond floor first then trowel floor with deep notch trowel using a flexible rapidset adhesive(mapi,howtex)should be dry in 2-3 hours apply grout preferable with a flexible additive in it.using a cardboard as a template is a good way to do it,mark template onto tile using a waterproof marker then cut up to mark with a tile wet cutter doing series of cuts at 90 degree angles to line as blade will not cut a curve,then nip with tile nippers
    hopes this helps andy

    Here is a link to a decent wet tile cutter ]click if you need to buy one.My OH who is a tiler uses one of these.

    Follow Andy's advice ^^^^ re: ply,flexible adhesive etc

    I can see nothing but tears in the gavan household.


    I can see nothing but tears in the gavan household.

    ...and a lot of ruined tiles if he tries to cut curves.


    you must lay down at least 9mm plywood on to floorboards, preferably 15mm. Then you have to contend with the difference in floor levels! do not attempt to tile around the toilet. remove it.

    My hubby's a tiler and he said that if you can't remove the toilet, then the best thing to do is make sure that either the joint is in the middle so that you have to cut 2 pieces out of 2 tiles or have 1 tile with the section cut out if this makes any sense. So easiest to work out the tiling of the room from the toilet providing it's not going to leave you with silly little cuts at the entrance to the room so it looks good. Hope this helps

    And before ya screw any wood down, ensure you know where the joists, pipes and cables are.
    As said, use WBP (exterior grade) plywood.

    Good idea to pick up some cheap tiles to practice on first, good luck.

    Original Poster


    For all the useful info.




    and start tiling from the centre of the room with 4 tiles surrounding the centre point. dry lay them first to make sure the edge tiles wont be too small to cut and adjust centre point accordingly.
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