Tilt/swivel tv bracket for plasterboard wall

Posted 3rd Jan
Hi all, looking for a good quality TV bracket for a 48" TV to put on a plasterboard wall in the bedroom.

As far as I've read, I should be screwing the bracket into the stud and not directly into the plasterboard.
Is there anything else I need to take into consideration and does anyone have any recommendations for a bracket?

Thanks in advance!
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The bracket doesn’t matter asking as your screwing it directly into the wooden supports as the plasterboard might not hold it
Yeah I would say because you want a twist/tilt bracket then I would certainly recommend going into a stud due to the tensions and leverage on the fixings, if it was just a flat, none adjustable bracket then decent hollow wall anchors would have been ok.
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I had a tv bracket that was closets as possible to the wall, didn't tilt or anything. It looked good but if you need access to hdmi etc then it was a pain. In the end took it off and got the ones you want but also has arms to pull it forward quite a bit. I think the tilt/ twist should be fine. Look for vanhous on eBay should be around £20. Better than anything else around that price.
Last time I did this was not a stud partition but dob and dab onto breeze block. What I did like though was hiding the cables in the wall so the tv was stood there with nothing dangling.

On a stud I think I would cut a hole behind where the tv was planned (a dry lining box to mark out and use after) to go first for the cables to run to it (power/aerial/ethernet) and use that to determine where the noggins and studs were to support from and then cover with something like this to enable to push cables through:


then same at bottom.
Search YouTube for "plasterboard mounting tv bracket"
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