Found 18th Apr 2008
Hey all,

Ordered Time Crisis 4 from Tesco Extra when it was at its best price (£39.95 with freedel). Release date for the game should have been today.

Just got a phone call from them stating that the game has been delayed by the developers with no extra reasons. The new release date is in 3 weeks time.

Thing that gets me is I have seen it in the shops! Anyone else had this problem/phone call or even got the game?

What is going on?



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So, phoned tesco direct, who has confirmed that it is a stock problem, and not a release date problem. The customer rep who phoned me lied to me, and also gave an incorrect stock date to me.

Going to launch a complaint tomorrow, any suggestions anyone?




same here mate. they told me that my delivery date will b 5th may. y is that when its out today ?

he left me a voice mail saying would be delay with out giving a reason

Original Poster

Basially its out today, you can get it in the shops, you can get it next day on, etc etc.

Tesco f*****k up big time. They said the developers delayed the game until the 2nd May to me on the phone. Email says Tuesday 13 May 2008 estimated delivery date due to 'awaiting stock'

I ordered the game back on Sunday 16 March 2008. You would have thought they would have realised 'oh look, x thousand pre-orders. Lets order more then that!'

Huh.. guess not.

Try something. Go into a tesco/give them a ring (the store) with a game section. Look for the game. If they have it on the shelf, I swear, they will have to call security to remove me.

But I will be launching an official complaint and getting the reference number of it. over a month of pre-order and they can't get it right. I'll keep you up to track on what happens and any correspondence.




yeh. will be going up 2moro to my local tescos and see what they have to say. really does take the p***. if they got it on shelves there will they give me a copy if i comfirm my order ?

Original Poster

I got money on 'well the online store is Extra, and we are two separate entities. If you want any assistance on an online order please phone this number'

I mean, so far there are two of us, but the price was placed on here a while back.. in fact:


How many people were affected, and when did you order the product? did you receive the order from tesco?



Ha - this reminds me of a situation I had with 'Splash Dvd' a few years back - I had to complain for a similar reason, found a copy of the e-mail in my drafts only the other day:

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Dear Splash,[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Times New … [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Dear Splash,[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Thank you ever so much for failing to fulfil my order, or answer my e-mail sent to you on the 10th December, After all I only ordered the Phoenix Nights box set in October, three weeks before it was released, I should have known that you would have needed over three months to procure enough stock and actually send me a copy. It was really gullible of me to think you actually valued your customers and wanted them to inform friends and colleagues of your super-fast and efficient service. I will never again use your site to purchase anything, and will make it a personal mission to inform as many people as is possible of your dire customer service, and taking payment for goods and not sending them. I have never had to deal with a company such as yours, I can order off the web from companies based on the other side of the world and receive the goods before you have even acknowledged an order, let alone think about 'getting stock from your supplier'. Your service in general is below poor, if a customer contacts you to inform you that they have not received an order, they do not want a reply asking them IF they would like it resending - OF COURSE they want it resending! You should not be extending the period it takes to rectify a complaint, your staff should be trained to deal with complaints quickly with the least amount of fuss and inconvenience to the customer, instead you take an inordinate amount of time to acknowledge the order, even longer to procure your stocks, you say that you have despatched the goods which never arrive, and when informed about a failed delivery you take a further week to reply and ask me IF I would like it resending???? I then reply and am ignored. I do realise that the Christmas season can be a very busy time, but an order placed in October really should have been fulfilled by now. I demand you forward the original order to me without any further delays or refund me in full immediately - This really has gone on for far too long.[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Yours Sincerely[/SIZE][/FONT]

.....I was a lot angrier in those days!!!!

Same story for me, I think they have changed the date 3 times, never had a phone call though just new emails the latest of which:

Re: Your order placed on Sunday 16 March 2008
We are sorry to inform you that your order has been delayed because the availability of one of the items has changed.
Estimated dispatch date: Tuesday 13 May 2008
The item causing the delay:
1 x Time Crisis 4
Awaiting stock, expected on Tuesday 13 May 2008

yeah same for me - no phone call - just delay email - would like to know if anyone has received it
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