Time crisis 4 Razing Storm (Move) for PS3

    Looked online and apparently this was released Oct 19 in US, with no scheduled release date for UK? Is my only option ebay at the mo?

    Any shops got it as a pre order yet? Looking for either solus or packaged with the move controller (or 2 move controllers)


    Solus new preorder:…htm

    Used copy with "gun", no idea if that's the entire controller you need, or if you have to dock a move controller with it though... check the product info to find out maybe…htm

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    Looking like 29.95 from shopto then, cheers. Just seen the gun attachments are pretty dear, this game is going to cost me a fortune......

    £30 game
    £60 2 controllers
    £30 2 gun attachments (actually just seen gamestations version @7.99, looks ok - so £16)

    Looking for all that in a bundle for £80 - 90 if poss
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