Time Crisis 4 Setup help

    HI i have just purchased time crisis for the ps3 and i am struggling to set it up

    I have a 50 inch plasma and every time i try to calibrate the gun, it is always out of range, does anyone know if there is a specific way of doing this, do the sensors have to be a certain way up or one of them on the left or the right,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated otherwise i am going to have to take it back



    Take it back mate, have TC2&3 and didn't get this 'cus of terrible reviews.

    I thought there was a problem with these guns on plasma screens, or have they fixed that now.

    I think 50" is the maximum it can handle without being off.

    Had a problem on mine too, in the end I just didnt calibrate it and it was ok, quite accurate.
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