Found 1st Aug 2006
Doesn't time fly when your deal hunting!! Been here for 3 hours and it seems like half an hour!!
I need some FOOD!! I'm starving!

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:lol: That was like me this morning, the hours just roll by on here and you dont even notice it!

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Its crazy, I'm still sitting here starving but I cant stop!!
Got in from work and havent moved since, cant even drag myself away to get dressed!

I've sat here sometimes while the kids have - fed themselves breakfast - gone swimming - had lunch - gone out to play with pals, all i remember is them shouting up for a .... something or other , and all i've done is shout back down to them Yeh whatever, yep just take it,

OK I take a break - for a coffee and find out -

Breakfast - chocolate chip cookies, cereal (they must take it sugar free as the sugar is all over the floor),

swimming - emptied their drawers all over the floor to find their fav pair,

Lunch - Ice lollies, at least 4 each according to the sticky fly traps littered over the work top,

Play with pals - filled the paddling pool up, invited 3 million of the local kids to come too, everyone walks through my house to get to back garden to get to pool, then walk back through house wet covered in grass & dirt to go to the shop for sweeties as what they had shouted up was MUM CAN WE EMPTY YOUR PURSE AND FEED THE 5000 WITH SWEETS FROM THE SHOP.

And yet I still sit here Day after Day after Day.

:lol: fizzie!!

Oooo Oooooo just noticed I have a "spectacular aura" I just thought I needed a shower..... Yeh more money saved:lol:

Honestly DM2 it's not funny, the fly fest has got so big they have had to bring in Blue bottles to secure the entry, tickets are being sold on Ebay for rediculas amounts.:lol:
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