Time to claim your o2 rewards again.

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Found 11th Apr 2008
"Your Reward accumulates over a set 3 month period, at the end of the period you can claim the calltime credit that you have earned. To claim your O2 Reward you will need to text CLAIM to 50202 (free) in the time periods outlined below. We will send you a message confirming your claim, followed by a message detailing the amount you have earned. This will be added to your phone balance within 48 hours."

Jan, Feb, Mar. Claim your O2 reward anytime from April 4th

If you have a Pay Monthly or a SIMplicity Pay Monthly, call 2211 free. If you've been with o2 for 6 months (one with SIMplicity) you get o2 Treats. (You can also sign up to receive a text when you are eligible)

o2.co.uk/mob…ari ... /o2rewards

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