time to do the sky canceling rigmarole

    Hi all,

    Sky contract (£117/month complete package, with unlimited fibre and line rental) ends next month. Am thinking about going to now tv or sky q. What are the deals they are currently offering through retentions?

    Cheers, Matt



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    You should be able to get your current package for about £50-£60 plus £50 credit
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    Good luck op, sky don't give deals anymore hence why they have lost a lot of valued long term custom. Deffo go on the guide above, any more and your being ripped off

    lost me this year. now with BT and very happy. I was with Sky for 15 years too.

    when we were in the cancellation period we were offered 60% off but was already with BT so wasn't interested. best of luck.

    They've lost me too, best deal they offered me when my contract was finished was double price what I paid the previous 3 years so happily cancelled and thinking about joining BT when we move house in a couple of weeks.

    I've got 60% discount until 2021 so I'm more than happy, no contract either

    i got 20% off tv for 5yrs no contract and £10 off BB 12mths

    There are loads of great deals available on sky. Call and cancel, you will get a call back from one of the specialist teams after a week with the best offer to get you to stay. If you use your existing equipment then you should be able to get up to 60% off. I have done this for about 4 years running and I have almost everything you have plus multiroom, HD and 3D just not sports. I am paying £52 with no contract. And yes this includes line rental and unlimited fibre. Good lock OP and haggle hard.

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    Thanks all. Offered 25% over phone, which I refused. Sky service app is offering me 50% off tv now. Will wait for a phone call...

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    Got 60% off tv and 50% off hd so cost £32.60/month for everything tv wise. Moved to Bt for broadband and calls as it worked out loads cheaper (£14/month for infinity and weekend calls including line rental) after topcashback (£110.25) and the £125 prepaid MasterCard. Infinity is faster than sky fibre too. Question now is what to do with my router (asus rt56u)? Use my old openreach modem and router or the smart hub bt forced me to buy. First world problems, eh?
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