Time to get rid of my 80 GB HDD PC...another PC or laptop?

    Whilst its been a great machine for my needs i now want to get rid of my computer mainly due to it only being 80 GB but also it will not be compatible with Windows 7 which i fancy using. This PC will probably end up being used by the kids.
    What are your thoughts....about £500 to spend...
    Should i get another PC or a laptop.
    I do a lot of surfing the web and also need microsoft office or similar for me and the kids.
    We are constantly putting more on itunes and i also like to take photos which obviously take space.
    My other consideration would be spend less on a laptop but then get a large external drive for all the itunes photos etc.
    Any advice would be appreciated and just to start me looking in right direction if you have any models you like that would fit my bill please let me know.



    If you plan to do a lot of typing and work then a pc. For browsing the internet, music definitely a laptop

    If upgrading the 80GB and OS isn't an option for you, I'd definitely go for the best spec laptop you can afford and an external drive. Microsoft Works will no doubt meet your Office needs and comes bundled most of the time.

    Although taking into consideration the ages of your children as laptops are obviously less robust.

    Try and wait for a good deal though, if it is never going to be moved (only you can know) go for a desktop (more for your money). A laptop is good only if you move it.

    Original Poster

    No i dont do a lot of typing just occasional stuff and bits of homework for the kids. i thought you might say laptop. I think its just hard to get away from the concept of having a PC when your not as computer savvy as most. Does not having a main PC cause any problems with networking in the house. At the moment i have the printer and modem plugged into the PC and our existing laptop works wirelessly.

    In an ideal world i would want it to be sit in front of tv on a night and look at web at the same time.
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