Time to party! Quidco is two years old!

I've just received this email from Quidco :thumbsup: :-

Two years already?! Hard to believe but here we are and we're ready to celebrate by throwing a party with Quidco members. We've got a contest just for Quidco members with a list of prizes that will blow your socks off including an all inclusive trip to the Maldives . Plus we've got two special cashback offers lined up just for Quidco members...
Before jumping into the fun part, everyone on the Quidco team wants to give a big long hug and thank-you to all our members who have joined the Quidco revolution. When we first launched two years ago there were doubters that didn't think the Quidco model was here to stay - but two years on we can definitely say the Quidco cashback cooperative is changing the consumer face of the UK through the power of our members. It is an amazing feeling to be able to proudly say that an ethical, anti-spam, transparent, honest and co-operative site can be so phenomenally successful - it speaks volumes about how consumers really can be in control!
Since our first birthday we've been continually humbled by the support of our members as the site has grown in leaps and bounds. We've been doing our best to stay true to our vision by expanding our enquiries team so members get quick and personal replies to emails and launching Quidco SureShop which gives security on SureShop merchants by guaranteeing a timely resolution to any problems. The biggest improvement though is being able to secure better and bigger cashback for our members as our collective purchasing power grows!
Ok enough sloppy thank-you's, let's get partying...
Quidco Video Competition - Someone's going to the Maldives!
Members who were here last year will remember the first birthday photo comp - won by a Quidco member pictured marching down his high street in a Quidco sandwich board. Well this year we are kicking it up another notch with the Quidco Video Competition. Get over to the quidco.com/vid…mp/ [U Video Competition page to find out about the rules and how you could win one of the huge prizes such as:
- An all-inclusive trip to the Maldives ( quidco.com/dir…ys/ [U Direct Holidays - up to 3% cashback )
- 600 Euro of hotel vouchers ( quidco.com/acc…ls/ [U Accor Hotels - up to 6% cashback )
- Dell Inspiron 6400 ( quidco.com/dell/ [U Dell - 5% cashback )
- 2 years worth of iTunes songs ( quidco.com/itu…es/ [U iTunes - 8% cashback )
- 32" Hannspree LCD TV ( quidco.com/misco/ [U Misco - 5% cashback )
Last but not least - just to make sure every Quidco member is a winner we've got two exclusive cashback deals for our second birthday. e2save are offering a never-seen-before quidco.com/e2s…ve/ [U £46.50 cashback on all contract mobiles for one week only and LOVEFiLM are going to not only give quidco.com/lov…lm/ [U £14.50 cashback for a 14-day trial but also throw in a free DVD if you subscribe.
Keep on Quidco'ing!
The Quidco Monkeys
quidco.com/blog/ [U Discuss in the Quidblog!

If you don't know what Quidco is or what 'other' referral sites are out there, have a look at this 'sticky':-


Yer I got that. "£14.50 cashback for a 14-day trial " sounds to good to be true?

most people probably got the email you know

Original Poster

geek grrrl

most people probably got the email you know

No I don't know, nobody mentioned it. :roll: :roll:
At least non Quidco Members can read the email.:thumbsup:

actually i didnt get e-mail and am a quidco member, so thanks dino

I got the email, but it was in my bulk folder, so people might not notice it
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