Time to renew laptop or not? (looking for opinions)

Posted 26th Dec 2019
Hi peoples from the HukD

I've got a couple issues with my current dell g5 although they're really minor.
- doesn't allow for custom fan curves and the cooling solution simply put doesn't work with its hardware unless undervolted
- the screen doesn't go all the way back, makes the laptop take more space on the desk

Other than that it's the i7 8750h with 16gb ram and the 1060 maxq, so hardware wise although old it's still okay (looking at that 3 or so year old 1060)

I've been looking at those hp omens and renewed g5/g7 with the rtx 2070, the current offers kinda suck but ces is around the corner. I can sell it tomorrow for 700 gbp so that's an option (bought it for 900 a year back)

Shoot me with your opinions!
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Replace the thermal paste and see how she goes!
esar26/12/2019 19:29

Replace the thermal paste and see how she goes!

It's sort of a widespread issue with the 8750h, almost all laptops need undervolting and that's fine. It's just aggravated by the fact that dell puts cooling control onto an embedded chip that doesn't let you edit the curve
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