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    hello, im looking for a book to help my son with learning his times tables, he is 10 and finds them really hard, iv always got the teacher telling me he must learn then and we really try but they dont stay in his head, im looking for a fun way to teach him so he stays interested and maybe they will stick in his mind, iv looked at lots of books but just wondering if there is anyone out there with the same problem that found a good book to help them? many thanks in advance.


    Have you tried the BBC Skillwise website ? A few methods on there may assist.…es/

    you could make them up using a spreadsheet, if you know how to use them you could set them up to present the answer if he types the numbers in...

    Got my daughter one from poundland

    got a recording singing chanting them - put on in car every day job done!!


    Your local library may have a wallchart in for sale

    Try this website - teaches through games . There are some really good ones on there…tml

    My son found this a useful website and it was recommended by the school, he really struggled with his times table for a long time this definately helped

    wallcharts in poundland are brill ;-)

    My son was the same, when he was a lot younger we used to play with his cars and we used to have like 8 carparks of 8 cars, seeing the actual objects seemed to help....but hed forget them after a whilst he did have a chart from pondland, we also tried the singing them in the car too
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