Found 20th Apr 2007
anyone else noticed that the timings are 1 hour behind !

any reasons ?

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there not now !!! all posts were showing 1 hour earlier.. but now thay are correct !

were you signed in when they were behind? if im not they are behind, spot on once im signed in

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not signed in 1 hour behind... signed in and correct...

have changed time options now !
thanks rayman !

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still not correct ! i set time option gmt+1hour but when logged out time is 1 hour less.. and saved changes !
pc clock is correct
log in and timings are correct

can't explain !

Have had a few time slips myself, it's all a bit strange:?


[SIZE=2]You have entered the Twilight Zone??[/SIZE]

Judging by some of the threads I've seen, yes:?

Its because when you are signed out, The forum doesn't know you are from the UK!

okay now I get it;-) I knew that honest:?

Well i didn't explain in much detail but basically :

The United Kingdom is an hour ahead of GMT, But when you aren't signed in then I doesn't know where you are and will appear as GMT.

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thats solved ! thanks
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