Tins of christmas Chocs - where are they all?

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Found 22nd Dec 2009
Evening All,
Have spent all day driving round to find a tin of chocs for christmas. last week tescos had loads of them for £5 but i though they might come down in price so we waited.
Went to Somerfield, asda tescos and iceland and there are no tins anywhere. It wont be christmas without a tin of quality street or similar.
Does anyone know if there are any avaliable in any stores?
help greatly appreciated. thankyou


i seen em in morrisons yestarday

900gm jars in co op - £4.50

tins in netto £5 think they have jars as well £4.50:thumbsup:

I have them all!! I was hungry :oops:

Original Poster


I have them all!! I was hungry :oops:

Knew there would be 1 who has stocked up!

I shouldn't have left it so late, thanks will try Co-op + Netto Tomorrow- that will please my husband who hates christmas shopping at the best of times.
my local Morisons didn't have any on saturday.

Plenty of celebrations, roses and quality st tins in my local sainsburys

Every store ive been in has them in Torquay, Devon. Ask when you go into a store. They should be able to tell you whats due in on the next delivery if they have the product information.

morrisons had tins for a fiver at the weekend.

i'd ask, my local asda had them stacked on top of the fridge units, impossible to reach and only visible from about 20 meters away.:-D

My local Tesco Superstore has mountains of them ......£5 a tin !

Quality Street in Tesco today for a fiver, didn't see any other tins tho'!

co-op have 2 of any tins for £10

Sainsbury's were quite sneaky, they had them on 2 for a tenner then last time I was in they'd put them up to £6 a tin, more expensive than anywhere else. Tsk tsk!
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